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Descrizione del prodotto :
With the imagePROGRAF iPF5100 Large Format Printer, brilliant color, sophisticated print-head technology, and high speed output are all brought together into a high-performance large format printing-system. With features designed to help all levels of users achieve extraordinary results, the iPF5100 printer is the ideal solution for any color professional looking for striking, full-bleed color output with strength in paper handling and exceptional speed in output.

The iPF5100 printer is engineered to produce colors, fine details, and subtle expressions required for some of the most challenging color environments such as photography, proofing and professional graphic applications. The iPF5100 printer is equipped with the ability to recalibrate itself to the original factory settings and apply any necessary adjustments across the printer's media types. The result - a more predictable printing platform where results can be consistently achieved. The 12-color pigment ink system with LUCIA inks offers excellent color fastness and stability with a remarkably wide color gamut. The ink formulation for Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray reduces bronzing, while providing stronger ink adhesion to the print media, resulting in better scratch resistance without any additional protection. The Canon L-COA processor, which is dedicated to the imagePROGRAF, is designed to optimize the best quality output at the highest possible speeds. Vivid breathtaking, long lasting prints are achieved by combining Canon's advanced technological achievements. The iPF5100 is designed for reliability, simplicity, productivity and above all, quality.
12 Color Pigment Ink System - LUCIA inks

The iPF5100 printer's ink set is comprised of 12 colors: four standard process colors with Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta; plus Red, Green, and Blue; Matte Black, Gray, and Photo Gray. This unique combination creates a broad color pallet and delivers exceptional print results. The iPF5100 printer's LUCIA ink is specially formulated to reduce graininess and bronzing and resist scratching and fading.

Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray optimize black ink density for exceptional monochrome photo-quality output. Based on the type of ink being used, the iPF5100 printer automatically matches the correct black ink to achieve the best print results.
Built-in Calibration
The iPF5100 printer is equipped with the ability to recalibrate itself to the original optimal factory settings and apply any necessary adjustments across the printers. At the same time, this creates a more stable, predictable printing platform on which superior results can be consistently achieved. The system has built-in calibration sensors that accurately detect variation in print heads and measures the density levels of the inks and makes necessary adjustments to return calibration to the original factory settings.
Print Head - PF 03 - Dual print head system

Engineered for speed and advanced image production, the iPF5100 boasts Canon's dual print head system to lay down ink with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Unlike conventional printers with a single print head, the iPF5100 uses two high-precision, high density print heads with a total of 30,720 nozzles. It lays down precise 4 picoliter-size ink droplets to produce sharp detail and excellent image quality.

The superfine 4 picoliter-size droplets produce delicate color gradations and high-definition. The twin lines of nozzles on the print heads enable the iPF5100 to minimize the number of printing passes and still maintain print quality. The two 1-inch iPF series print heads, each with 6 colors with 2,560 nozzles per color. That's a total of 30,720 nozzles. More nozzles mean more ink is ejected with every pass of the print head, no matter what print mode or media. It gives new meaning to "high-speed output".

Piedistallo : Printer Stand ST-11
Supporto rotolo : (parte centrale del mandrino: 2 pollici con collegamento bobina per supporti da 3 pollici e spazio per stampa senza bordi) - RH2-11
IEEE1394 Expansion Board : EB-05

Caratteristiche tecniche
Formato : 17 pollici
Colori : Inchiostro a pigmenti LUCIA, 12 colori (MBK: nero opaco; BK: nero; PC: foto ciano; C: ciano; PM: Foto magenta; M: magenta; Y: giallo; R: rosso; G: verde; B: blu; GY: grigio; PGY: foto grigio)
Risoluzione : 2400 x 1200 dpi
Velocità di stampa : (Rotolo A2)
Carta comune: 0:41 (Bozza)
Carta patinata: 1:14 (Standard)
Carta fotografica lucida: 2:19 (Standard)
Dimensioni (LxPxA) : Netto: unità principale 999 mm (L) x 810 mm (P) x 344 mm (A); peso: circa 49 kg
Confezione: unità principale con Palette, 1.140 mm (L) x 914 mm (P) x 675 mm (A); peso: circa 75 kg
Alimentazione : Alimentazione: CA 220 - 240 V (50/60 Hz), CA 100 - 120 V (50/60 Hz)
Consumo energetico: 100 W o inferiore
Consumo di energia in standby (in modalità a basso consumo energetico): 220 - 240 V, 6 W o inferiore (9 W con scheda IEEE1394 installata)
Da spenta (standby): 1 W o inferiore (in conformità con l'Ordine esecutivo del Presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America)
Ambiente operativo : Temperatura: 15 - 30 °C; umidità: 10 - 80% (senza condensa)
Livello di rumorosità : Pressione acustica: in funzione 51 dB (A) o inferiore; in standby 35 dB (A) o inferiore
Potenza acustica: in funzione 6,8 Bel o inferiore
Funzionamento del display : Ampio LCD: 16 colonne x 1 linea, 11 tasti, 5 LED
Lingua istruzioni sul display: inglese USA, francese, tedesco, italiano, spagnolo, cinese (semplificato), coreano, giapponese (Kanji)
Hard Disk : Interfaccia : Tipo: integrato
Modalità: piena velocità (12 Mbps), alta velocità (480 Mbps), trasferimento volume
Tipo di connettore: serie B (4 pin)
Ethernet : Tipo: integrato
Standard: IEEE 802.3 10base-T; IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX/ Autonegoziazione; IEEE 802.3 per Full Duplex
Protocollo: IPX/SPX (Netware 3.2(J), 4.1 (J), 4.2 (J), 5.0(J), 5.1(J) SNMP (Canon-MIB), HTTP, TCP/IP, AppleTalk
IEEE1394 : Tipo: tipo slot card
Standard: IEEE1394 - 1995, P1394a, Half duplex, seriale differenziale Data/Strb
Tempo di trasferimento dati: 100/ 200/ 400 Mbps
Tipo di connettore: compatibile con IEEE1394 - 1995, 6 pin, nessuna alimentazione
Sistemi operativi compatibili: Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32 bit/64 bit, Macintosh OS 10, Leopard
Software in dotazione: imagePROGRAF Printer Driver 2007 (Win/Mac), imagePROGRAF Status Monitor, Media Configuration Tool, plug-in di stampa per Photoshop, plug-in di stampa per Digital Photo Professional, Digital Photo Front-Access
Conformità alle normative: marchio CE, certificazione CB

Testina di stampa
Modello : PF-03
Tipo : Bubble Jet "on demand"
Configurazione della testina : 6 colori, tipo integrato (6 chip per testina di stampa)
Ugelli : 1200 dpi x 2
Ugelli per chip : 2.560 ugelli per colore
Dimensione goccia : 4 pl per colore

Capacità serbatoio inchiostro
Modello : PFI-101 (130 ml, ciano, magenta, giallo, foto ciano, foto magenta, rosso, verde, blu), PFI-103 (130 ml, nero, nero opaco, grigio, foto grigio)

Gestione supporti
Tipo di supporti : Un rotolo, caricamento posteriore, uscita frontale
Formato supporti foglio singolo : Cassetto, caricamento frontale, uscita frontale (alimentazione manuale con leva di bloccaggio dei supporti)
Supporti disponibili : Carta comune 80 g/m², carta comune 90 g/m², carta patinata opaca 90 g/m², carta patinata opaca 140 g/m², carta patinata extra-opaca 180 g/m², carta opaca 120 g/m², carta autoadesiva ad alta risoluzione 140 g/m², carta protettiva ad alta risoluzione 180 g/m², carta fotografica lucida 190 g/m², carta fotografica satinata 190 g/m², carta lucida ad asciugatura istantanea 200 g/m², carta satinata ad asciugatura istantanea 200 g/m², carta fotografica lucida 240 g/m², carta fotografica satinata 240 g/m², carta fotografica extra-lucida 255 g/m², carta fotografica semi-opaca 255 g/m², carta fot