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Descrizione del prodotto :
The SM6 printer prints on to coupons vouchers, tickets, letters, labels and forms as well as cheques. The SM6 is modular: the unit can be used manually, with the feeder and also with the turnover. The printing is easy with the choice of flexible plates which meets the variable needs of a whole range of documents.


Caratteristiche tecniche
- Feeder Speed​​: 9000 documents / hour max.
- Dimensions mini Document: 50 mm in width and length.
- Maximum document size: 310 mm in width, unlimited length.
- Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
- Printer Dimensions: 168 * 568 * 355 mm.
- Weight: 14 kg for the printer.
8.7 kg for the feeder.
16 kg for the module turning