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Descrizione del prodotto :
UCHIDA’s New Paper Folding Machine The Aerofold. Its belt suction feeding system can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers, such as offset, coated, art, digital printed papers and more.

Perforation mode lamp : Indicates when the optional perforating unit is installed
Cleaning lamp : Indicate when cleaning FEED section (belt, roller) is necessary. It lights every 10000 sheets fed
Check lamp : Indicates when paper is empty, or the lacation of paper feed trouble
Interval key : Sets time of interval between the batch
Paper length input mode key : For inputting and indicating out of standard size paper
Memory 1/2/3 key : Three irregular folding types can be input and stored
Store key : To store adjusted position


Caratteristiche tecniche
Maximum Paper Size: 330mm (W) x 488mm (L)
Minimum Paper Size: 120mm (W) x 210mm (L)
Maximum Paper Weight: 160g/m2 (Single fold : 230g/m2)
Minimum Paper Weight: 52.3g/m2
Maximum Stacking: Capacity 500 sheets (80g/m2)
Folding Pattern: Single, Letter, Zigzag, Double Parallel. Fold-Out.
Maximum Folding Speed: 15,000/hr
Minimum Folding Speed: 2,500/hour
Speed Adjustment: Adjustable (in 5 steps)
Folding pattern setting: Automatic
Folding Position Setting: Automatic
Feed Table Elevation: Automatic
Counter: 4 digits, addition/subtraction digital counter
Preset Function: Equipped
Paper Feeding system: Upper Belt Feeding system
Memory Function: 30 kinds
Memory function of fold data for outer norm paper: 3 kinds
Automatic Paper Size detection: A3, A4, A5, (Letter, Regal, Leger - For U.S.)
Air Blowing System: Bulit-in Blower system
Paper Ejection System: Conveyer Belt (Automatic speed setting)
Length of election table: 340mm
Double Feed Detection: Equipped
Paper Jam Detection: Equipped
Empty Feed Detection: Equipped
Cover Open Detection: Equipped
Immediate Stop function: Equipped (In casse of paper jam)
Option: Perforator unit/Scoring unit
Paper Ejection Roller: Automatic setting
Slant adjustment: Equipped
Total (Maintenance) Counter: Equipped
Batch function: Equipped
Dimensions: 1,300W x 600L x 590H mm(in operation)
Voltage/Hz: AC220 - 240V/50Hz, 60Hz or AC100 - 120 V/50Hz, 60Hz
Weight: 70kgs (net)