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Descrizione del prodotto :
The A3 F43N is a top-selling, fully-featured easy-to-use universal Friction-Fed Folding Machine, with automatic size recognition, digital counter and seven paper folds

* Digital counter A3 paper folder, with automatic paper size recognition
* Variable speed of 3,300 to 10,080 sheets per hour
* Handles 160gsm paper (230gsm for single fold)
* 500 sheet stacking capacity (high - quality paper of 64gsm)
* Sturdy construction
* Folds standard letter, single, zigzag, double parallel, fold out, gate and cross fold
* Folding positions set automatically


Caratteristiche tecniche
Folding capacity : up to 10,800sheets/hr
A size paper handling: B7-A3
max. sheet size: 297x420mm
min. sheet size: 91x128mm
Paper weights: up to 160g/m2 (230g/m2 for single fold)
Fold plates: 2 - Automatic setting
Counter: Four-digit addition/subtraction digital counter (auto repeat)
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 520x870×530 mm
Weight: 33.5kg