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Descrizione del prodotto :
The PM 125 map folding machine will save you a lot of time.
Very easy to use, just introduce the map in the machine, put the lever back and forward a few times and the map is folded.
The clutch release lever is situated at the front side, the folded map can be taken off without to step aside.
With the special folding pocket the cross folding is achieved very quickly.
The PM 125 comes with a wall sheet holder in order to carry the documents to be folded and a delivery tray for the folded maps, no need for a table.
The user can go on working without moving.
The PM 125 is very strong and will last form many years.
You will not be able to miss it anymore.


Caratteristiche tecniche
Folding width : 109cm (A0 short edge)
Papers range : matt, satin and glossy
Paper thickness : from 65 to 155gr
Speed : 1 fold per sec. (depends on the user)
Distance between foldings : 21cm
Cross folding : 29,7cm
Stand: yes (comes standard with the machine)
Wall sheet holder : yes (comes standard with the machine)
Delivery tray for folded maps : yes (comes standard with the machine)
Size in working position (LxDxH) : 117x57x102cm
Size in box (LxDxH) : 125.5x56.5x47.5cm (on mini pallet)
Net / gross weight : 77K / 83Kg